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Blue Earth Skincare (New Zealand)

品牌故事 Brand Story :

  • 一個始於12年前的故事。 一個由一塊肥皂開展的故事。 一個由一對熱愛大自然的紐西蘭夫婦共同建立的故事。
  • 始終堅持天然原始的美容護膚品牌—Blue Earth在1998年誕生於紐西蘭,這讓創始者Warren Bryson與Renee Boe賦予了人們一個可以追求環保與大自然純真的天然護膚的極致表現。他們對於保護大自然的承諾,發掘了大自然的神奇魔力,也促使了Warren & Renee夢想的實踐與Blue Earth環保概念的故事誕生。
  • Blue Earth起源於Warren & Renee 親手製造的手工皂,一向堅持優雅生活品質的這對夫妻,受到使用者的好評,而讓Blue Earth開始受到矚目。
  • 經過12年的努力,將環保生活美學概念中,以其坦誠、簡樸及真誠的精神,創造了一系列基本護膚保養品。
  • Established in 1998 by Renee Boe & Warren Bryson, Blue Earth grew from their own personal philosophy & their shared passion for health & the environment. They have a genuine commitment to the natural, the functional & the importance of the creative.
  • Blue Earth first became recognised for their handmade soaps. Their uncompromising attention to creating a beautiful product to experience both with your body & your eyes, led to their devoted followers requesting more.
  • Over the last 12 years later, they have developed, & are proud to offer a primary skin care range that is honest, simple & sincere in spirit.

品牌哲學 Brand Philosophy :

  • 坦誠: 源用有效天然成份的承諾,是 Blue Earth的核心。他們努力嘗試利用天然和有機的珍貴成份去創造真正有益的產品。利用精油和選取高質素的植物油研製產品成份。
  • Honesty: They are genuinely committed to effective, natural ingredients. This is at the heart of Blue Earth. They endeavour to create products that are truly beneficial, from premium ingredients that are natural &/or organic. Utilising essential oils & high quality plant oils in generous amounts, every ingredient in the product range is chosen because it is beneficial or necessary.
  • 簡樸: Blue Earth提供基本護膚保養品。他們以提供有功能而真正健康和有效的天然護膚品
  • 。產品包裝概念源自於簡單、功效和美麗。
  • Simplicity: Blue Earth supplies a primary skin care range. They pride themselves on providing functional, natural skin care that is genuine, healthy & effective.
  • Their packaging is based on uncomplicated, function & beauty. It is important to us not to over package. They minimise waste, use recyclable materials & recycled paper.
  • 完善: Blue Earth正位於受終年集雪的南阿爾卑斯山(Southern Alps)影響,造成源自塔斯曼海的潮濕空氣喪失水氣, 而形成草木茂盛的雨林和不計其數的瀑布及湖泊,展現出如詩如畫的秀麗景色。
  • 他們倆夫婦致力於植樹於已改變的農地,重新建立已受山泥傾瀉洗禮的原始森林。Blue Earth亦倚賴太陽能發電去經營運作。
  • Blue Earth致力於創造正面改變、健康而持久的美好世界。
  • Integrity: Blue Earth‘s base is in the Foothills of the Southern Alps, New Zealand, where they are dedicated to fostering a safer, more environmentally friendly and compassionate world.
  • They try to go further than sustainability by giving back more than what their lifestyles may take. They do this by planting trees on converted farmland, re-establishing the native forest that once flowed down from the mountains. Blue Earth also relies primarily on solar power as their form of electricity. 12 solar electric panels ensure that Blue Earth runs smoothly & efficiently with as few emissions as possible.
  • The Blue Earth team is dedicated to making a positive change, creating a healthier, more sustainable world.

香港銷售點 Distribution points in Hong Kong :

Back to Nature:

  • 灣仔軒尼詩道288號英皇集團中心一樓商場122號鋪 Shop 122, 1/F Emperor Group Centre, 288 Hennessy Road, Wanchai Hong Kong

AT Scent:

  • 中環砵典乍街30號金明行102室 Room 102 1st Floor, Golden House 30 Pottinger Street Central(Tel: 31042327)
  • 赤柱廣場 Shopp No.107, First Floor, Stanley Plaza, Stanley Hong Kong (Tel: 28136070)

Distributor in Hong Kong

  • Best China Enterprises Ltd

Facebook Group


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  1. Winnie said

    Thanks for sharing! Try Blue Earth’s cleanser and exfoliant, good!

  2. Janus said

    Roship oil is excellent. No more Trilogy in HK, why not try this one?

  3. Vivian said

    Sounds good!!
    Please recommend more varities to us

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