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Eagle Supreme 澳洲天然纖體瘦身保健產品客戶提供

Eagle Supreme 澳洲天然纖體瘦身保健產品
全家寶健康產品專門店 Family Health Centre

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WeChat ID : FamilyHealthCentre

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歡迎親臨陳列室參觀 : 旺角 煙廠街9號 興發商業大廈17 樓 1701 室 ( 近 廣華醫院 )

星期一至六12:00 PM – 6:00 PM 星期日及公眾假期休息 CLOSE (個別時間,歡迎預約)

Eagle Supreme 澳洲天然纖體瘦身保健產品

Eagle Supreme’s Mission

To supply Premium Quality Weight Loss & Dietary Support products, manufactured in Australia to the highest possible, Australian pharmaceutical regulatory standards and that our products will assist YOU on YOUR journey to increased health and wellbeing.

What makes our products different? All our products are proudly made in Australia

All are manufactured in a Licensed Australian Facility

All are compliant with Australian laws

All include Pharmaceutical Grade cGMP

All contain only Australian Compliant Ingredients with Guaranteed Quality Control

All are subject to Rigorous Standards and Testing through all phases of production

All our products have been awarded the prestigious “Made in Australia” Logo

Eagle Supreme is Proud to be 100% Australian and support Australian Business

Eagle Supreme Products Uniqueness

Eagle Supreme is one of the fastest growing dietary and supplement companies in Australia, over 1000s retailers are selling our products.

Our consumers are most likely to continue using the products because our products are better than the others, with our good on-going service and relationship.

e-mail :
Address : 歡迎親臨陳列室參觀 : 旺角 煙廠街9號 興發商業大廈17 樓 1701 室 ( 近 廣華醫院 )
Phone : WeChat ID : FamilyHealthCentre
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